Our prospect at Soroush Company is promising a bright future in the horizon of 2017-18. In this horizon, we will be one of the most successful companies in the country's automotive industry:

At 2017-18 horizon, the company will be in the forefront of the production of all kinds of frames and complete auto seats in the country, and will reach a level of competitive ability that will have a solid strength vis-à-vis all its competitors. Our competitive edge at 2017-18 horizon will continue to be good quality, competitive prices, timely delivery, financial strength, and technology-level development.

At 2017-18 horizon, the company will develop its manufacturing activities and will enter the market of other products in the automotive industry; thus, consolidating and developing its position in the entire auto industry.

We will use our best endeavors to satisfy our stakeholders, and will encourage their positive perceptions of our performance.



Soroush Company is a manufacturer of auto parts that develops technical and technological infrastructure, as well as its technical and engineering capabilities to produce automotive parts and assemblies. Along with these capabilities, the company also can perform complementary operations in non-metallic areas, which are required in manufacturing components and assemblies, and turning them into marketable products. The company's products are needed by all automobile companies inside the country.

Creating close relationships and engaging with customers and paying attention to their views in reviewing, and improving the performance of products and providing them with fully competitive conditions are the secrets of the success and relative advantage of the organization in maintaining business development. With Believing in the importance of satisfying the principal customers and end users, we draw our attention to these issues and try to:

  • Satisfy customers of Soroush Corp products in quantitative, qualitative, timely delivery, and competitive prices.
  • Meet the expectations of the shareholders of the company and move towards the usual earnings.
  • Provide financial and spiritual rewards for the efforts of our employees in the company and all our partner suppliers.
  • Respect the rights and social and environmental benefits of society