We, in Soroush Corp, as a member of the national community and industry, and beyond in the international community, put forth a valuable collection of ethical principles and transcendental patterns to live and work and to adhere to and enforce it. We hope that the great honor of making the world around us better and more beautiful than the day we set foot on it for future generations will be given to us. The need to emphasize the core values of Soroush Corp will enable us to do our utmost to realize the fundamental beliefs of this organization, especially within the framework of the following elements:  

- Human dignity: Paying attention to the high status of human as a creator of society and to preserve his dignity and virtues with emphasis on the good qualities of honesty, integrity, trust, fairness, and forgiveness, is the cornerstone of our organization's encounters with all its internal and external stakeholders.

- Client-centric and enhanced customer loyalty to the company:

In our view, our customer is not merely a buyer, it enjoys a high spiritual and blessed position, which we are strongly bound to satisfy and create long-term loyalty to the organization.

- Excellent performance:

Our organization is based on thinking and commitment to excellent performance and we are committed to achieving best practice models.

- Unity, Empathy, Participation, and Teamwork among Staff:

We, Soroush Corp, believe that adherence to the principles of the fundamental values of the organization requires the constructive interaction of its employees with one another in the light of unity, empathy, participation, group work, and respecting the individual's position in the organization.

- Promoting Organizational Knowledge and Emphasizing Learning Organization:

We believe that the secret to the survival and success of the organization is in the dynamism, intelligence, and collective wisdom of its members, and thus, we have promoted learning and education from its traditional place and recognized it as one of the main pillars of our organization. We strive to become a learning and agile organization, because we have built our organization on the basis of knowledge and knowledge intensive business infrastructure.

- Conservation of social interests (especially environmental):

We consider ourselves to be part of the stakeholder organization and at the same time a member of the national and international community. Therefore, maintaining the interests of the organization and its stakeholders is closely related to preserving the interests and social interests, and in different ways, we try to protect the environment and save on the non-renewable energy.

- Maintaining organizational interests, especially profitability and continuity of survival:

It is imperative to pay attention to shareholders as valuable members of the organization who, with their financial and spiritual efforts, have created this business and jobs, and formed the large family of Soroush Corp. Therefore, by creating values in society through products and services, we are bound to generate earnings and reasonable profit and help maintain the survival and continuity of our organization's activities.

- Establishment of culture and meritocracy:

We emphasize the principle of meritocracy as the most valuable indicator in evaluating, maintaining, and respecting the rights and status of our colleagues' families, and we believe that all of our organization's actions should be defined and implemented within the framework of decent selection, decent work, and decent pay.

- Moving towards Globalization:

We, Soroush Corp, consider ourselves a member of the international community and believe that stagnation, confinement, and limitations in business will endanger the cores of the company. So, in our business, we are taking a comprehensive look at globalization and moving beyond the geographical boundaries. At the same time, we are trying to create a healthy and constructive world-class competition, integrating our interests with others, and strive to strengthen, sustain, and develop the organization in the name of Iran in the global market.