Saipa which is the nominal group name “Iranian stock automobile production” (in France: Société Annonyme Iranienne de Production Automobile), is an Iranian automobile manufacturing company. Saipa Company was established in 1344 in cooperation with Citroen French Company with the name of “Iran Citroen car manufacturing joint stock”

 In 1391, Saipa with the production of 477, 890cars won 42% Iran's auto market share and known as the second largest automaker in Iran after Iran Khodro. (Learn more)

Saipa Sazehgostar is a joint stock company in Iran which was established at 10/4/64 and is active in the automotive industry. This company which is the subset of Saipa automotive group worked in casting and forging production at first, but since 1373, has been responsible for engineering design and supply parts for Saipa automobiles production. (Learn more)