Iran Khodro Industrial Group (former Iran National) was established on October 4, 1962 with the capital of about 10 million USD on Ekbatan Street, Tehran. The goal of Iran Khodro was establishing and managing factories to produce and export various types of vehicles and their components. The company started its production in March of 1964 with the production of a bus.

Iran Khodro Industrial Group is the largest automobile manufacturer in Iran and the Middle East, which has permanently an average of 50 to 55 percent of Iran's automobile production. In addition to the main site located at kilometer 14 of Shahid Lashgari Highway (former Karaj road), it has factories in Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz, Kermanshah, and Babol. The company also operates in the rail industry. (Learn more)

Sapco, Iran Khodro’s engineering design and component supplier, is established in 1993 by changing the name of “Iran Selpic Auto Services Limited Co.”  Iran Selpic was established in 1980 to provide technical services for the automobiles manufactured by Iran Khodro. In 1993, after changing its name to “Engineering design and domestic auto parts supplier”, it was practically dissolved. According to the resolution of the Extraordinary General Assembly in 1999, the name of the company has been changed from “Engineering Design and Domestic Auto Parts Supplier” to “Engineering Design and Iran Khodro Component Supplier.”

Currently, Sapco has various offices all over Iran in order to accelerate the connection between auto parts suppliers and the headquarters. (Learn more)