Soroush Corp, a designer and manufacturer of all kinds of auto seat frames, has been in operation since 1999. Soroush Company along with its qualified and motivated employees, is among the most successful companies in this field.

The focus on the customer is Soroush Corp's fundamental principle and all our efforts are inclined to manufacturing products that our customers are comfortable about full compliance of them.

I consider myself committed to meeting the applied requirements and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the management system; and since I am confident that evidence-based leadership and decision-making is a good basis for the principled behavior of the corporate ethics charter, I see myself responsive to its effectiveness.

In this regard, I lead the organization's management system with a process-oriented approach, while managing communications with stakeholders, in accordance with the IATF 16949 standard. This approach results in macro management of records, as well as achieving strategic goals in the areas of quality, logistics, finance, technology, and R & D.

I expect the managers of the organization, using appropriate methods, to provide access to the policy for the awareness of all partners, stakeholders and the public; and ensure that it is appropriate, comprehended, and maintained in all centers under the control of the organization.

Furthermore, I expect all employees to comprehend the policy and be committed to keeping all its provisions. I review the policy and its appropriateness over time and will make sure to provide the resources needed to implement the policy and achieve the goals.